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JOUR 101- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 56 pages long!)

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University of Kansas
JOUR 101

[JOUR 101] Comprehensive fall guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Lecture: What is Mass Communication? And why shou we care? What, How, Where I say it Tuesday, August 30,3:19 PM - Communication • A source encodes message,, rtough a channel to a receiver • A receiver decodes the t-sends feedback to a source. □ Four types of Communications 1. Intrapersonal: What I say to myself (iaud) head…. Orl o 2. Interpersonal: Two, you and another → Could be one-on-one → Verbal & n-verbal → Group → Mass 3. Group: Audience of 5 or more with a commonional/ connect 4. Mass Communication: The process of desilering cultural messa media channels, both old & new. → One-way → One to many → Source works w/ organization → Usually anonymous → Feedback is indirect, delayed , & inferential ► What gets in the way of all communication? → Noise (internal/external) → We make our own meanings → Agree/disagree with meanings We don't understand it (coding) → → Or we ignore it or simply disregard it ► Linear Model of Mass Commincation → Senders (authors, producers) → Messages (programs, ads) → Mass Media (Tv, Books) → Receivers (Viewers, Consumers) → Gatekeepers (Editors, Executive Producers, Media M find more resources at
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