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Lehigh University
Health Medicine and Society
HMS 152 (SSP 152)
James Mc Intosh

Alcohol Final ReviewBold On his study guide rd3 ExamRed Im not sure Blue Not on his study guide but you should know itReview 3ABSTINENCE Studies of relapses tend to be overly pessimistic as based on clinical data About aof those meeting diagnostic criteria of dependency receive formal treatmentHe may not have had his last drink but he has had his last happy drinkHitting bottom is AAs answervaries Forced intervention technique professional Elderly women represent the largestof abstainers in our societyAge related to decreaseIncreased physiologic effects per drink Medical problems that limit accessibility or desirability of alcoholFinancial strainTrend toward fewer social events that emphasize alcohol consumption Women Drink Structure of society reasons Normative contexWomen need 40 less alcohol then menDescribe the double standard that exists between genderalcoholCultural definition of women originally formed an
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