KINE 408 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Stroke Volume, Vo2 Max, Cardiac Output

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8 Feb 2017

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Chapter 9 Study Questions
1. What are the major purposes of the cardiovascular system?
a. To transport oxygen and nutrients to tissues
b. Removal of carbon dioxide and wastes from tissues
c. Regulation of body temperature
2. Outline the design of the heart, why is it called two pumps in
a. The heart is divided into four chambers, the left and
right atriums and the left and right ventricles. Arteries
carry blood away from the heart and veins carry blood
to the heart. Valves in the heart connect the chambers
and prevent backward bloodflow.
b. It can be called two pumps in one because the right
atrium and right ventricle form one pump and the left
atrium and left ventricle form the other, so that the
heart has two sides
3. Outline the cardiac cycle and the associated electrical
activity recorded via the ECG?
a. The cardiac cycle is the repeating pattern of
contraction and relaxation of the heart.
b. The contraction phase of the ventricles is called systole
and the relaxation phase of the ventricles is called
c. The ECG records the electrical activity of the
myocardium, or the muscle of the heart.
d. The ECG will show the depolarization and
repolarization of the atria and the ventricles in line
with systole and diastole.
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