BIO 202 Quiz: Ch 18 notes Darwinian Evolution (Combines Lecture and Textbook)

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17 Feb 2019
Ch. 18: Introduction to Darwinian Evolution
Darwin and Evolution
Evolution: accumulation of genetic changes within populations over time
Population: group of individuals that are:
o Same species
o In the same area
o At the same time
Microevolution: minor changes, usually over a few generations
o No change in species
Macroevolution: major changes over long period
o Includes change in species
o Noticed similarities between Galapagos and South America and differences in
reptiles and birds between islands
o Studied Lyell’s Principles of Geology
Argued that the slow pace of geological processes show that Earth is old
o Noticed artificial selection and hypothesized that something like it happened in
o Studied Malthus, who argued that population growth is not always desirable
o Variations that are favorable are preserved adaptations new species
This is the process of natural selection
Four principles of natural selection
o Variation
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