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African & African American Studies
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Part time Due to farmers noticing that they can hire workers instead taking care of slaves what kind of work did African Americans work full time or part timeNorthern Emancipation What term describes the end of slavery in the North that occurs without outside interventionNo Was there a significant amount of slaves set free after the Northern Emancipation even though most of the slaves were set free already yes or noAbolished Slavery and became the fourteenth state What two major things were ruled at the Vermont constitutional convention in 1777Abolishing slaveryIn 1780 what did Pennsylvania start doing within its bordersSupreme Court In 1783 who in Massachusetts abolished slaveryAll men are created are born free and equal and every subject is entitled to liberty What was the statement that was in the new Massachusetts state constitution that paved the way for slaves to sue for their freedomAbolition plans What did Connecticut and Rhode Island adopt in 1784New York and New Jersey What two states defeated gradual abolition plans that ensured them to be two of the lasts states to abolish slaveryNew York What was the second to last state to abolish slavery in 1799New Jersey What was the last state to abolish slavery in 1804Vermont Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island New York New Jersey In order earliest to latest what were 6 states in America to abolish slavery between 17771804Haitian revolution What ended slavery in St DominqueFrench slavery What type of slavery was defeated after Napoleon was defeated in the Haitian revolutionElizabeth Freeman What women in Massachusetts hires a prominent lawyers and sues for here freedom when she heard news of their new state constitutionQuok Walker What man leaves his owner and flees to Massachusetts to be freeNo Where there any slaves left according to the 1790 census yes or noPaul and John Cufee What two men tried to vote in Massachusetts and paved the way for the Supreme Court to say that if a man pays taxes he is allowed to vote This also made state of Mass one of the only states were black men can vote on the same basis as black menGradual Emancipation What was put into place that freed slaves and or children at a certain age that happened in a very slow pace It also allowed people who were already enslaved to remain enslaved but they could not bring more people to be slaves on landNorthwest Ordinance of 1787 What document was put into place in essence with Articles of Confederation and Jeffersons plans created a northwest territory north and west of the Ohio River and after the Ohio became a state it legalized indentured servitudeQuakers What antislavery society was hosted and did most of their work in PennsylvaniaNo Where there antislavery societies in the south yes or noWhite What nationality was the majority of antislavery societiesCompensated emancipation What proclamation had an incentive where the state would pay the slave owners to free their slavesDeport slaves A lot of the pushing to abolish slavery is not in favor in African Americans and what did the antislavery societies want to do the slaves because of thisManumissionWhat was the act of slave owner wanting to free his slaves because they felt bad for them they had to go to court and prove that the slaves fulfilled their duties to be freeSelfpurchase agreements What was it called when slave holders allowed slaves to earn money by selling produce to avoid having to feed slaves to earn money they gave them a plot of land for a garden or to hire out their labor in order to make money and then use that money to buy their own freedomthis made slave holders make a profitAdvanced Age What factor contributes to slave being let free because slave holders did not want to house them anymoreTobacco What was no longer used and was replaced with plant food crops that lead to manumissionsSouth After everything are there more free slaves in the south or the northFugitive slave act of 1793 What act stated that allowed people to kidnap runaway slaves and bring them back to their masters35 compromise What stated that African Americans were only counted as 35 of a personCotton What crop replaced a lot of agriculture due to British textiles and mechanizationPurchase price What did a slave have to raise in able for the slave owner to be obligated to sell him his or her freedomCotton exports What kind of exports had an exponential increase that caused an expansion of slaveryLouisiana Purchase In 1803 what settlement by Jefferson expanded the Us Territory and increased the nation size and territory available for cotton plantations and increased slavery as wellNo Was there a distinction between African Americans and free people of color after the Louisiana Purchase yes or noNew Orleans Due too many Africans in Spanish and French territory what place held a lot of free African Americans because of selfpurchaseEnlightenment What movement becomes unpopular in the US after the bloodiness of the French revolutionCotton What crop makes the price of slaves triplePseudoscience What term describes that people of African descents are a different species they are intellectually morally and physically inferior People of African descent are not meant to be free they can handle itInstitutions What did blacks start building to take care of themselves due to manumission laws in north states and growth of free black populationsMutual Aid Societies What was on the earliest black institutions that was founded in Rhode Island in 1780 that pulled African Americans money to provide for funeral and medical expenses dues were paid to take care of other people of the organizationthey appeared in cities where they were many free African Americans100 About how many mutual aid societies were just in Philadelphia in 1830Black churches What starting coming into fruition after the Great Awakening that served as the headquarters for schools social organizations antislavery meetings and spiritual needs of African AmericansSegregation Because of this the blacks in biracial churches decided to create their own church
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