ANTH 1001 : ANTH 1001 Exam 3 Notes 2

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15 Mar 2019

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Africa near the end of eocene: north america and europe were geographically connect with one another in eocene (by greenland, may explain similarity among species of north america and. Inferences about eocene primates: some species were diurnal, whereas others were nocturnal, locomotion: quadropedality and leaping, diet: insectivory (insects); frugivory (fruit) folivory (leaves, vines) for larger species, observation: absence of tooth comb. Note: mya = millions of years ago; ya = years ago; cm3 = cubic centimeters: what is a hominid any taxon that we place in taxonomic family hominidae, early hominid evolution. Gorge, tanzania: republic of south africa, sites are in limestone caves, sites dates by biostratigraphy, famous site: taung, republic of south africa, tabular information about early hominids. 3. 7 to 3. 0 mya paleoenvironment lake margin, with nearby desert woodland savanna, with bordering woodland savanna, with bordering woodland. Al 288 (lucy) (3. 2 mya specimen; 40% of skeleton; from. Knm-er 1470 (750 cm3 cranial capacity, which far exceeds that of australopithecines)

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