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Unit2PrimatesMyths about PrimatesNot all primates are monkeysPrimates are not just primitive humans they are social intelligent and some of their behaviors can be very complexA lot of our stereotypes about primates are falseoEx Gorillas are not monstersoEx Chimpanzees are not cute cuddly petsPrimate Geographic DistributionIn their natural habitat primates are generally found in warm tropical forested regionsOld World Africa Asia South PacificNew World South America southern part of North AmericaPrimate StudiesDescriptive people went out into the field and recorded what they sawObservationaloJane GoodallStudied chimpanzees1950s1960s to present dayFirst to go out literally and camp out in the woods to study the chimpanzeesHer work has spawned tons of research and researchers who follow heroDian FosseyStudied gorillasBecause of her we know that they are gentle and vegetariansShe debunked many of the myths about gorillasShe got heavily involved in the conservation effort She ended up getting murdered by one of the localsTheoretical 1970s1980soTwo major perspectivesSociobiologySocioecologyModern day studies of primates research encompasses descriptive observational and theoretical partsPrimate TaxonomyTaxonomy the study that specializes in categorizing living beings or organisms Proposed ChangesoSuborders Change Old Prosimii lemurs lorises tarsieresAnthropoidea monkeys apes humansNew Strepsirrhini lemurs lorisesHaplorrhini tarsiers monkeys apes humansThis moves the Tarsiers from one group to another oThey found that tarsiers had more in common with the anthropoids through molecular dataoReclassification of the Great ApesOld Pongidae great apes Hominidae humansNew All Hominidae different subfamilies and tribesThe Hominids have them alloThey are separated into orangutans gorillas and chimpanzeeshumansoThen the chimpanzees and humans are separated Movie NotesThe behavior that rocked the scientific worldUsage of tools by chimpanzeesShocked the scientific communitychimpanzees hunt and eat meatTenderness between the mother and her infantThe father chimps dont have anything to do with the infants that they produceoThe females have the most interaction with the offspringMonkeys however are monogamous species and the males do have interaction with the offspringIn general though most primates the males do not have anything to do with the childrenSome of the chimps ended up getting polio because they are so close to us genetically they can get our diseases and we can get theirsPrimate Characteristics Relative to Other MammalsLimbs and LocomotionoErect Posture sitting upoHands and FeetPrehensilethe ability to grasp humans and primatesWe have maintained opposable fingers and toes Dogs and cats do not have theseHumans do not have an opposable big toe butwe are the exception to this primates do have it5 digits on each hand and foot not all mammals have thisInstead of claws primates have nailsPrimates have sensory nerves on our finger tips and toe tips in order to grip betteroFlexible limb structurePrimates have many ways of moving around Not limited to humans primates have very flexible shoulders and hipsVarieties of Primate LocomotionQuadrupedalism knucklewalking slow climbingomoving on all four limbsoKnucklewalking instead of walking flat footed they fold their fingers and walk on their knuckles on the forelimbs only mainly in the Great ApesoSlow Climbing all four limbs are being used while climbing
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