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ANTH 1001

stSept 1Darwin Theory of Natural Selection publication of On the Origin of Species 1859Mendel published paper in 1866Mendels ExperimentParentalRound x Wrinkledst1 Generation 100 Round Round x Roundnd2 Generation 75 Round 25 Wrinkled R x R W x Wrd3 Generation 100 Round R x R 75 Round 25 Wrinkled R x R 100 Wrinkled W x W Punnett Squares are used for explain Mendels ExperimentPrinciple of Segregation Genes occur in pairs in an individual In the production of sex cells the pair of jeans is separated Each sex cell contains one of the pair of genes Gene Segment of DNA that codes for the production of a proteinAllele Alternative form of a gene round wrinkledGenotypeThe set of genes possessed by an individual RR ww RWPhenotype Physical characteristics of the organism Round WrinkledHomozygous Having 2 copies of the same allele RR wwHeterozygous Having 1 copy each of the different alleles RwDominant Allele Expressed phenotypically in both the homozygote and the heterozygoteRecessive Allele Expressed phenotypically only in the homozygotePrinciple of Independent Assortment The segregation of one pair of genes does not influence the segregation of other pairs of genesoSeed Texture R woStem length T sGenotypesPhenotypesRound Wrinkled RRTT1RoundTall9124
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