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Anthropology Test 2 Notes

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Anthropology Test 23210How people make a livingPatterns of Subsistence how people make a livingEcosystem all living organisms and the physical environmentOur ecosystemoPhysical hot humid wet mosquitos swampy alligators cypress trees deer magnolias live oaks armadillos ants seafood snakes wild hogs possums coyotes pine trees black bear strawberry turtles salt mines fox rabbit turkey bob cats raccoons owls pelicans squirrels roaches mice chipmunks termites frogs algaeoVery diverseoRich environmentCulture coreoList of everything that a culture uses to make a livingIncludes knowledge base tool kit tools or technology used to make a living division of labor most is by sex malehunt womengather rules about food distribution ideology belief system4 Main Patterns of SubsistenceHunting and ForaginggatheringoOldest way of making a livingoWay people survived until about 10000yaoFew cultures use todayOnly about 250000 people use in the world Live in marginal environment artic desert of South Africa jungleoSmall group size 100 people or lessoLow population densityFew people in a large area1 person per sq mileoNomadicoLow amount of materialstools cooking itemsoMost egalitarian everyone is of equal rankoNo leaderNo elected personCertain people make decisionsoStrong sexual divisionMenhuntWomengatheroWork about 20hrswkoDont go over carrying capacityof individuals that land can supportCarriheri DesertDecreasingof children a woman hasProlonged lactation suppress ovulationTropical Wet Forest and ArcticinfanticidePastoralismoHerding sheep goats cattle lamas camelsoSmall groups less than 100 peopleoLarge home range lots of area for grazing and wateringoFew people on huge area of landoNomadic move from needs of animalsoFew material goodsleep in tentsoStrong sexual division of laborMen herdWomen clothes babies food water skin animals pack up campoEgalitarian no one leader
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