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Anthropology Test 1 Notes

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Anthropology 10111910Anthropology the study of humansVery holisticStudy everything that goes into being humanEx marriage foodViewed in the broadest possible context in order to understand theirhuman interconnections and interpendenceHelps anthropologist to stay aware of ways their culture might influence researchVery descriptiveQualitative data Ex names labelsBased on field researchGo to place of study and get their viewsWith local people in local languageObserve and participateParticipation is a major method for collecting dataStated about 120years agoMissionaries wanting to learn more about the people they were witnessing tooBias peopleBecame objectiveOpen minded to explain and describe other culturesMore ofa Western Discipline4 different Parts AreasArcheologyStudy of material remains and environmental data of the pastEx written documentsartifacts bones plants potteryGarbage Project 19731987Cultural Resource ManagementTied to government policies to protect cultural resourcesSurvey and excavate archeological and historical remains threatened by construction or developmentPhysical Anthropology Biological AnthropologySystematic study at human as biological aspect or primatesEx human evolution primatology growth and development human adapation forensicsLook at signs of behaviorModern humans and physical differencesMolecular anthropology genes and genetics relationshipPaleoanthropology investigates the origin and predecessors of the past humans species looks at apesTakes a bioculural approach interaction of biology and cultureHuman Growth and DevelopmentFranz BoasCompared the height of European children that live in Europe but immigrated to US vs height of children who grew up in the USImpact of disease pollution poverty on growthDevelopment adaptationsPhysiological adaptationsForensic AnthropologyIdentification of human skeletal remains for legal purposesPrimatologyStudy and interpret of living fossil primatesEx apes monkey lemurs etcLinguistic AnthropologyStudies human languageOriginHow it startedWhoHow longHow language evolvedChanged and developed overtimeOther forms of communicationBody languageFacial expressionHelp in creating written forms of some languages that only existed by word of mouthCultural AnthropologyStudy of customary patterns in human behavior thoughts and feelings culture2 main partsEthnography detailed description of a particular culture based on field workParticipant observation interviews and discussions with individuals of a groupEthnologyInvolves crosscultural comparisons and theories that explains differences or similarities among groupsFocus on cultureVery broadFishing method of villageKinshipDouble check let people of culture studying check notes or photosEthicsDo research with as little harm as possible No harmCultural RelativismKeeping an open mindDont judgeExplain and understand culture12110Culture the way of life for a certain people All humans are culturedCharacteristics of Culture all cultures share these characteristicsSharedLanguageNormal behaviorLearned
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