Anthropology Chapter 12

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ANTH 1003
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Ch 12Power Conquest and a World SystemMotivators for European ExpansionChristianize the worldFind a wide variety of wonders both real and imaginedspices Amass great wealthDevelopments Aiding ExpansionRise of a banking and merchant classGrowing populationNew ship design that was better at sailing into the windDiseases carried by Europeans to native populations European Expansion and DiseaseAlmost every time Europeans met others who had been isolated from the European African and Asian land masses they brought death and cultural destruction in the form of microbesIn many instances virtually the entire native population perished of imported diseases within 20 yearsPillageTo strip an area of money goods or raw materials through the use of physical violence or the threat of such violenceEuropeans used violence to take metal goods or raw materials from indigenous peoplesMines were placed under European controlExamples of PillageIn 1531 Pizarro captured the Inca emperor Atahuallpa and received 885 million in gold and 25 million in silver current value as ransom After the British East India Company came to power in India it plundered the treasury of Bengal sending wealth back to investors in EnglandForced Labor
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