Anthropology Chapter 10

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ANTH 1003

Ch 10Stratification Class Race Ethnicity and CasteSocial StratificationRelatively permanent unequal distribution of goods and services in a societyMechanism depends onThe organization of production cultural valuesThe access that different individuals and groups have to the means for achieving social goalsTheories of StratificationFunctionalism specific cultural institutions function to support the structure of society or serve the needs of individuals in societyWeaknessesNot all of societys most difficult jobs are well rewardedSocial stratification does not always result in recruiting to right people for difficult jobsLimits to financial motivationInequality has potential to erupt into violenceConflict Theory focuses on inequality as a source of conflict and changeWeaknessIgnore the social mechanisms that promote solidarity across class racial ethnic and caste linesClass SystemsClass a category of persons with about the same opportunity to obtain economic resources power and prestige and who are ranked high and low in relation to each otherSocial strata possibilities for movement between the classes or social strataAscribed status the social position into which a person is bornSex race kinship groupAchieved status the social position that a person chooses or achieves
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