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Exam 1 Study Guide And Vocab (got 93% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
ANTH 1003

EXAM1STUDYGUIDEDefine and Match the Anthropologist to the ConceptMargaret MeadoComing of Age in SamoaoStudied childhood learningoCulture and PersonalityA theoretical position in anthropology that held that cultures could best be understood by examining the patterns of child rearing and considering their effect on adult lives and social institutions Bronislaw MalinowskioBritish anthropology oTrobrian IslandsStuck there during WWIlong time for field workoLogic of primitive cultureoFunctionalism A theoretical position in anthropology common in the first half of the th20 century that focuses on finding general laws that identify different elements of society show how they relate to each other and demonstrate their role in maintaining social order Clifford GeertzoInterpretive Anthropology A theoretical position in anthropology that focuses on using humanistic methods such as those found in the analysis of literature to analyze culture and discover the meanings of culture to its participantsMorgan and TyloroEarly US anthropologythoArmchair anthropologist of the late 19 centuryCompiled accounts from travelers explorers missionaries colonial officialsoEvolutionary AnthropologyCultural EvolutionSavageryBarbarianismCivilizationFranz BoasoParticipant ObservationThe fieldwork technique that involves gathering culture data by observing peoples behavior and participating in their lives oCritiqued cultural evolution Morgan and Tylor
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