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Final Notes For History

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Louisiana State University
ANTH 1003

Notes for Final all notes after midtermConstitutional Convention in Philadelphia 1787No mandate that articles of Confederation had to be replacedThrew out the Articles of ConfederationPoint of Constitution was to create a moderate governmentThere were 55 delegates all white avg 43 and mostly extremely wealthyLand ownersSocially wealthyThey wanted to changeToo much liberty needed a functioning governmentOne universal currencyStronger national governmentWho was at the conventionGeorge Washington there but didnt voteJames MadisonBen FranklinAlexander HamiltonTreaties were no longer done between states and foreign governmentWho controlled the Native AmericansNew government decided who could become a citizenTradeStates could trade freely between each otherComity The idea that the laws in each state apply to every other state unless it damaged the social welfareCitizenshipThe constitution wanted to ring in the people not oppress themNecessary and Proper Clause saved the constitution from contradicting itself Gave the constitution power outside of what is written in itFederalism National Government State government Local GovernmentThe Constitution is bicameral senate and representativesThe most important change an executive head PresidentJudiciaryCreates a lot of balanceServe life termsElected not votedThe Amendment ProcessBill of RightsEstablishes what government can not doRights of man27 amendments today of states have to ratify23 majority in both housesPerpetual Union could not exist without all of its party Creates a unit out of many different partsSlavery fundamental essence of the nation35 Compromise slaves count as 35 of a personWhy slavery was not included in the ConstitutionCould not come to an agreement on itWhat to do with a slave that leaves and enters a free stateSlaves could not stand in courtTwo fugitive slave actsFree states must send back slaves that they findThis allows free states to remain freeAlexander Hamilton and john adamsFederalists supported the idea of federal governmentJames Madison one of the fathers of the constitution and Thomas JeffersonAntifederalists hated the idea of federal governmentJays Treaty 1794 created by Alexander Hamilton signed by John JayLeaders of the French Revolution wrote a declaration of rights of man1789 start of French RevolutionWithin 10 years the revolution had turned into The Terror the JacobinsRadical republicans jacobinsThe British have never really gotten alongAmerica signed with BritainBritish goods were no longer taxed French goods were taxed heavilyBritain withdrew all troops from North AmericaBritish debts were expungedJefferson believed Jays Treaty made an enemy out of France and took away some of the material liberties of AmericaDemocraticRepublicans Jeffersonians vs FederalistsDemocraticRepublicansLeaders Thomas Jefferson and James MadisonStates should be supreme
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