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ANTH 1003 Final Exam Study Guide1Define culture and know the characteristics of culture Culture sets of learned behaviors and ideas that human beings acquire as members of societyCharacteristics of Culture1Made up of learned behaviorsAlmost every aspect of our lives is layered with learningWe learn continuously and throughout life but it is concentrated in our childhoodsWe learn through enculturation the process of learning to be a member of a specific cultural groupCulture and Personality theorists focused on child rearing as the way to best study enculturation2Involve the use ofLanguageClassification systemsCreation of shared mental models applied to perceptions and experiences in order to organize classify and understand Ethnoscience theoretical perspective that focuses on recording and examining ways that members of a society use language to classify and organize their cognitive world for exampleoStudy of color classification systemsoEthnobotany study of plant classification systemsoEthnozoology study of animal classification systemsSymbolsSymbols stands for something elseenable us to store information and condense meaningoExamples Mac or PC Team mascotsSymbolic anthropology theoretical perspective that focuses on understanding culture by discovering and analyzing a cultures symbols oKey symbols reflect deep concerns of a culture3Patterned integrated and shared by members of a groupOrganic analogy the comparison of societies to living organismsStrengthsoAllows us to understand society as composed of different elementsoImplies that anthropologists should describe these elements and the ways that change in one affects the othersWeaknessesoIt implies that properly functioning societies should be stable and conflictfreeoIn socially stratified societies different groups have different interests and this creates conflictFunctionalism theory focused on finding general laws that identify elements of society how they relate to each other and how they maintain social order looks for laws of cultural behaviorToday many anthropologists focus on the conflicts within the system 4Adaptive and subject to changeAWhat is a subcultureA system of perceptions values beliefs and customs that are significantly different from those of a larger dominant culture within the same societyDominant culture the culture of the group that controls greater wealth and power in a society and can thus impose its understanding of the world on subculturesBName and briefly describe the four traditional subdisciplines of anthropology in the United States
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