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ANTH 1003
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Bioculturaldescription of human nature naturenutureEthnoscapethe array of things that are studiedEthnocentrismbelief that ones own culture is the best cultureCultural relativismbelief that ones own culture must be understood in its own terms with respect to ethicsOvertcultural norms that are statedTacitcovertnorms that are not stated but understoodEticoutsiders perspectiveEmicinsiders perspectiveEthnologycomparison of culture for universal traitsHuman variationpeoples adaptations to where they and their ancestors liveJane Goodallstudied chimpanzeesDiane Fosseystudied gorillasSarah Blaffer Hardystudied langursRace as resistance positive identity to expose discriminationHistoric archaeology vs Prehistoricafter written language vs before written languageSymbolvery important in understanding cultures arbitrary culturespecific and powerfully meaningfulMargaret Meadcame up with idea of naturenurture Coming of Age in SamoaCognitive anthropologyfocuses on the relationship between the mind and societyEthnosciencefocuses on recording and examining the ways in which members of a culture use language to classify and organize their cognitive worldEthnobotanystudy of medicinal plantshow people understand the natural worldEthnomedicinestudy of medicinal practicescultural notions of sickness and wellnessCognitive mapsmaps in our mind that show us where places are and how to get thereValuesshared ideas about what is true right and beautiful
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