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Study Guide For Anthro Test 1

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ANTH 1003
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Study Guide for Anthro Test 1List and Define all subfields of AnthropologyCultural Anthropology the study of human society and culture Ethnographythe description of society or culture Emicexamining societies using concepts categories and distinctionsthat are meaningful to the cultureEticexamining societies using concepts categories and rules derived from science an outsiders perspective Ethnologythe attempt to find general principles or laws that govern cultural phenomenaArchaeology The subdiscipline of anthropology that focuses on the Reconstruction of past cultures based on their material remains Anthropological Linguistics The study of language and its relation to culture Physical or Biological Anthropology The subdiscipline of anthropology thatstudies people from a biological perspective focusing primarily on aspectsof humankind that are genetically inherited Human PaleontologyThe focus within biological anthropology that traces human evolutionary history PrimatologyThe focus within biological anthropology that is concerned with the biology and behavior of nonhuman primates Forensic Anthropology The application of biological anthropology to the identification of skeletalized or badly decomposed human remains Applied Anthropology The application of anthropology to the solution of human problems A complex of related researchbased instrumental methods which produce change or stability in specific cultural systems through the provision of data initiation of direct action andor the formulation of policyCognitive AnthropologyA theoretical position in anthropology that focuses on the relationship between the mind and societySymbolic AnthropologyA theoretical position in anthropology that focuses on understanding cultures by discovering and analyzing the symbols that are most important to their members
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