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ANTH 2014
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Chapter 5Human Osteology and OsteometryOsteologythe study of bonesThe SkeletonAnatomical Planes Positions and DirectionAnatomical PlanesSagittal planepasses through the midline of the bodyParasagittalany planar slice in this direction that is not midlineCoronal Planedivides the skeleton into equal anterior and posterior sectionsTransverse planecutes the body into upper and lower sectionsAnatomical DirectionSuperiorcranialtoward the topInferiorcaudaltoward the bottomMedialtoward the midlineLateralaway from the midlineAnteriorventraltoward the frontPosteriordorsaltoward the backProximalnearest the trunkused to describe a bone in relation to another bone Head of long boneDistalfarthest from the trunkThe Axial Skeleton includes all of the bones of the skull and the vertebral columnSpine is straight when born becomes sshaped with ageThe Skullcranium and lower jawConsists ofCraniumFace top calotte back pasterior inferior portion Has an outer table inner table and a dipole layer of spongy bone in betweenMandibleear ossicles29 bones in adult human skull if you count the hyoidSella turcicaholds glandOccipital condylesonly place that your skull articulates with the post cranial skeleton everything below your head6 unpairedthey lie along the midlineFrontal
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