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Final Exam (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
ANTH 2015

Human Osteology for ArchaeologistsField Identification of BonesoAge at death Sex Health status while aliveNumber of Bones in BodyoAdult skeleton206and oNewborn skeletonmore a lot of cartilages and there are separate bones that form into pure bonesSkeletonoCranial skull and mandibleoPostcranialoSpinal CordForamen magnuoAgingSuture closureNewbornbones get closer together and form one bone Sutures close a known agesFusion of long bones when you ageDiaphysis shaftEpiphysis endsFuse at known agesTeethReally good for aging to a certain point bc teeth dont continue to grow Then it is no longer good for agingBone absorption Sexo99 completeo85 hip bonessize of opentingSciatic notchFemale wider than maleSubpubic anglefemale90 degreeso60 skulloMandibleMale angularsharper Female slopingoBrow ridgeMale more pronouncedoForeheadmale have a more sloping foreheadfemales steeperoOccipital protuberance the back of the head male more pronouncedoMastoid earmale has largerAge and Sex from bonesoConstellation of traitsHealth StatusoMetric traitsoEx Height from measuring femur lengthoNonmetric traitsOs Incahaving extra bonesShovelshaped incisors inherited characteristicsLifesyleoCranial deformationshape the headelongated skulloHorseback riding can cause dislocation of hip bone and femur Femoral Acetabular ImpingementFAIoFighting InfectionsoSpinal tuberculosisBones were being eaten awayArthritisoNot a diseaserelated to agingSeveral vertebrae fused into oneLipping of edge of vertebraeMalnutritionoDental hypoplasiahorizontal raised lines of teethAnemia
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