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Anth 2015 Exam 03 Notes (got the best grade in class)

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ANTH 2015

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Human Osteology for Archeologist 1Human burialsaIf found report to the policebPolice determine if it is a forensic mattercPolice call state archaeologist to determine if it is human remains2Unmarked burial site actaEvery burial is protected unmarked or marked3BonesaUlna has curve that connects to humorous to allow arm to bend back and forthbRadius allows arm to radiate twist4Field Identification of bonesaAge of deathbSexcHealth status while alive5Number of bones in the bodyaAdulti206bNewborniA lot more because their bones have not completely fused together6SkeletonaCranial skullmandibledetachablebPostcranial7Spinal CordaForamen magnumiLatin nameiiMagnumbigiiiForamenhole ivOther holes in the body are for nervesblood vessels8Aging aSuture closureiPlaces where bones meetiiClose at known ages1NewbornaSoft spot is cartilage2AdultaSutures are partly closedbLongbonesiDiaphysis shaftmiddleiiEpiphysis endsiiiLong bones fuse at known agescTeethiBone Absorption1Person who has lost all their teeth2Maxilla upper and Mandible lower hold teeth3Can be prevented with proper dental care9SexaAccuracy of sexi99 completeii85 hip bonesiii60 skullbHip boneiSize of the opening1Females are larger than males for childbirthiiSciatic notch on the side1Females are wider than malesiiiSubpubic angle in the front1Females are greater than 90 degreesivMandible1Females have more sloping mandible
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