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ANTH 2015
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Test 1 MaterialAnthropology study of humans living or dead Cultural living people Physical Anth study of biology evolution bones modern human variation promatologyApplied Anth relate to current situationsForensic Anth identify victims of crimeArchaeology the study of peoples objects architecture art from the past to study their culture Study of the past human behavior through human remainsStudy of material remains of culture of learned behavior of an unique groupArchaeological Record what is found at a site can include multiple piecesTime Frame of archaeology earliest humans to the presentEarliest ones can be considered homosapiens sapiens 100000 yrs agoPrehumans are studied by biological anthropologistPresent time now is the learned behavior aspectsArchaeology is a science Excavation can destroy the past therefor you must have a permit majority of the time and a good reason to do so Two ways to of the science application is Scientific Method most common wayHypothesis TestingWhy study the PastConsulting Archaeology State level archaeologistsCRM Cultural Resource ManagementArchaeological AssessmentThere is always a curiosity of the pastJohn Llyod Stephens lawyer that traveled to Central America wrote Incidents of Travel in the Yucatan He purchased the site for 50Henrich Schliemann excavated the city of Troy is modern day TurkeyLSU Campus Mounds ANTH 2015Why study the pasto1 There are jobs CRM culture resource managemento2 Curiosity about the pastPeople always want to knowo3 AdventureRaiders of the Lost ArkHarrison Ford lolSindero LuminosoLeft wing group in Peru causing trouble in the highlandsJohn and Theresa TopicArchaeologist held hostage in PeruBritish NavyBelize Doing target practice Killer BeesPseudo archaeologistsPeople who may twist the facts or not really research properlyoErich Von DanikenWritten books like Gods from Outer SpaceThought that Aliens were introducing agriculture to our ancestorsNazca Lineson desert coast of Peru at edge of AndesLines in form of animals shapes and lines that could only be seen from aboveSaid that the straight lines were alien landing stripsPeru is desert and mountains and people could have easily seen the lines from the mountainsoThor HeyerdahlEaster Island off coast of Peru with huge stone headsWent on voyage from Peru to Easter Island and wrote a book about ito4 Explain Problems MAIN REASONWant to explain problems that cultural anthropologists cannot because they only have the living peopleIs all past in the presentEx Why people stopped farming and went to agricultureRise and fall of civilizationsForensic archaeologyHelp police with crime scenesWar crimesMass disastersWorld Trade Centero5 Explain the presentWilliam RathjeDid garbage projectWanted to study modern garbageHad his students collect garbage in Tucson Arizona and sort through itThen would go and ask people what they would throw outFound that people dont necessarily tell you what they throw awayo 6 Know History99 of human past is prehistoric without documentation9210Kinds of Archaeologistso1 prehistoricarchaeologists who study prehistoric sites most archaeologistMost prehistoric archaeologist will choose a specific location
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