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Anth 2015 Exam 02 Notes (got 93% on the test)

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1Film Mists and Mound BuildersaMartial investigates in filmbDid not think Indians built mounds at firstcCrania Arcaniana Indians wiped out mound buildersdStone box coffins in moundse2 mound building ciivilzationsiHopewelliiMississippian2Mounds have changed over time and so have the stories told about them3Who built the mounds How Why4About the MoundsaTheory People built the mounds as they traveled through AmericabFound remains of mound builders pottery stone ect in the moundscFill skull with mustard seeds to determine differences between races5Squire and DavisaThey thought the mound builders were the people traveling through AmericabThey made maps surveyed and measured the land6Cyrus Thomas aStone slabs coffins in moundsbShawnee Indians built stone box gravescMonuments made from many different Indians through time72 major mound building culturesaHopewell build monuments for the dead smaller roundiHopewell were a single cultureiiCorn cause irreversible changes 1more cavities in teeth2increased tuberculosis3ended creativity mound buildingiiiFound copper pears shells Micah sheets obsidian in their mounds1Campsville Archaeology Center ProjectaBuilt a pit for the tomb and built mound on top of itbPut stones branches and other artifacts into tombcTopped tomb with leaves and limestonedTopped complete tomb with three different soil bucketsePlan to check on the remain in 550 yearsfAverage mound 609 baskets 3 hours about 25 peopleivCreated fishing line from plant skinvPonds would dry up into puddles which would trap fish in the dry seasonsviSeeds are larger because they chose larger seeds to plant increased productionviiJames Marshall discovered the circle and octagon moundsbMississippian built platforms for the living large rectangulariMounds may have been used for protection 1Items that show high authorityaAxe made from greenstonebCeremonial pipecCopper large earringsiiChief was in charge of mazeExcavationWhats the difference between antiquities collector and an archeologistaAntiquities Collectorisomeone who collects artifacts monuments for themselvesiigo to auction storeantique shop internet to purchase artifactsbArchaeologist icollects artifacts for the knowledge of culture in the pastiigoes out and finds artifacts for themselvesContextprovenience horizontalvertical locationassociationaWhere exactly it is foundiVertically how deep in the groundbThe association of the object with other things
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