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Anthropology Exam 2 Full Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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ANTH 2050

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Friday 21012Exam 2Chapter 6 Peopling the AmericasLecture OutlineEnvironmentNonarchaeological evidenceArchaeological evidenceGlacial advance10010 kya glaciationsSea level drop 150 mExposed ocean floorWisconsin glaciation in North AmericaTwo ice sheets Laurentide CordilleranNon synchronized fluctuationsIcefree corridors WhenAfter 1500 BPBeringiaLand exposed lower sea level no iceless precipitationFlat plain without trees tundraLarge herd of animalsSiberiaGlacier freeGrassland herbivoresThe Ushki sites Kamchatka Peninsula14000BP artifacts similar to those found in Alaskabison reindeer mammoth and salmonBig questions regarding peopling of the AmericasWhenAfter or before 15000 BPcreation of icefree corridorsHow Coastal routeInland icefree corridorsWho Big game hunters or maritime adaptationThe evidenceBiological evidenceGeneticsDental morphologyLinguistic evidenceGlottochronologyGreenbergs classificationArchaeological evidenceChronologyMaterial cultureWays of life PaleoIndian or ArchaicBiological EvidenceMitochonodrial DNA mtDNASimilarity with Asians but exception Kennewick ManDental traits sinodonty shovelshaped incisors root differencesEpicantic foldMultiple waves from different sources first wave with sinodontyLinguistic evidenceGlottochronolgy suggests divergence ca 4000022000 BPJoseph Greenberg
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