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Exam 3 Notes (got 93% on the test)

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ICivilizationaDefineiCivilizationiiChiefdomiiiStateivCity bOrigins of civilization and state modelsiEarly modelsiiSystematic and ecological modelsiiiSocial modelscNesopotamic IndiesdConcept of civilization thiFirst used in 18 century Adam Ferguson 1767 iinot only individual advances from infants to manhood but the species itself from rudeness to civilizationeWestern ethnocentric view idea of progress of civility fUse in archaeology urban statelevel societiesgCharacteristics of civilizationsiCities iiCentralized economy accumulation of capital and social statusiiiAdvances in record keeping ivElaborate public buildingsvState religionsviConcept of cityiSize and populationiiSpecialization and interdependence iiiCoreperiphery interactionivCentralized institutions to regulate public affairsvEmbedded into state systemviiConcept of stateiFagan page 335 political unit governed by a central authority whose power crosscuts bands of kinshipiiNew axis of control emerges based on allegiances to ruling eliteiiiState new degree of social complexityiScaleiiDifferentiationiiiIntensificationivintegration ivHow and why do states emergeiMuch debate in archaeology since the 1920siiOverall shift away fromiEarly unilinear evolutionary perspective to multilinear modelsiiUnicausal to multicausal modelsiiiEcological to socialagency modelsviiiNeoevolutionary classificationsStateStateChiefdomStratifiedTribeRankedBandEgalitarianElman Services 19621975 Morton Fried 19601961ixChiefdomiAn autonomous political unit comprising a number of villages or communities under the permanent control of a paramount chiefiiAt least two social classes
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