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ANTH 2050

TestSections 456IUpper Paleolithicahumans and Neanderthals share the FoxP2 geneiHas to do with languageiiMitochondrial DNA comes from the mom 100s to 1000s of copies in each celliiiNo contribution to humans is shown from examining mitochondrial DNAbOrigins of modern humansiWhat is a modern human1All members of the subspecies Homo sapiens sapiens2Includes all living humansiiModern human traits1Globular braincase2Reduced brow ridges3Reduced body mass4Unique pelvis shape5Vertical forehead6Pronounced chin7Narrow trunk8Reduced tooth sizeiii1868 Southern France CroMagnon man found1Was the first of the Homo sapiens fossilscThe spread of modern humans in the old worldiMultiregional model1Evolutions from Homo erectus in several places2Gene flow between geographically separated populations prevented speciation3All living humans derive from the species Homo erectus that left Africa 4Natural selection in regional populations responsible for regional variants races5Says humans were all indifferent places and evolved into the same thing unlikely6Emergence of Homo sapiens not restricted to any one area7This model is not very likelyiiRecent OutofAfrica model1Homo sapiens sapiens developed in Africa 200100kya radiated to other continents2After homo erectus migration out of Africa different populations became reproductively isolated 3Homo sapiens ultimately migrated out of Africa and replaced all other human populations without interbreeding 4Modern human variation is a relatively recent phenomenon5Backed by research in mitochondrial DNA6Homo sapien sapien afirst appearance in Africa 200000BPbEurope 40000 BPcAsia 90000 BPdAustralia 40000 BP7Homo sapiens sapiens were the first species to live on every livable continent excludes Antarctica 8Supported by molecular DNA and archaeological evidenceaGenetic evidenceiLiving humans are very much homogeneous geneticallyiiHomogenetic contrasts with our living relatives chimpsiiiHighest degree of variation found in Africa populations because more time spent there to changeivSmall founding populations in Africa 400100kyabArcheological evidenceiDifference between the archaeology records of modern humans in Africa and Neanderthals in Europe includes1Variability in stone tools of Africa2Elaborate bone tools in Africa3Evidence of fishing and collecting shellfish in Africa4Artwork in Africa iiHerto site Ethiopia 9Modern humans at 160 kyaaKlasies River Mouth Caves South Africa10Seems to be the story that is true 11Early modern humans in the Middle EastaHumans first arrived in the Middle East about 100 kyabHumans did not expand beyond the Middle East before 60kyacNeanderthals become extinct in the Middle East 40kyadHumans and Neanderthals may have coexisted in the region for 60kyaeWe coexisted from 10040kyafwe probably interbreeded but were there children No evidence with mitochondrial DNA but only passed through the momdUpper Paleolithic culture and technologyiCreative explosion
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