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Mesolithiccomplexhuntergatherers02252013Effects of agriculture on health and nutritionoDramatic oLess varied diet than foragersoMore labor arthritis oIncreased biological stressoDecreased in lifespan oIncrease in fertility Human health went into a serious decline with the advent of agricultureEvidence includes an increase in skeletal lesions from tuberculosis and leprosyProbably caused by living in close quarters with domesticated livestock and being exposed to the accumulated waste products present in human settlementsAdvantagefood supply becomes more dependableBut a grain based diet means more sugarConsume a smaller variety of nutrientsPost agricultural skull show more missing teeth and more cavitiesabscessesPellagra and beriberi are two B vitamin deficiencies associated with corn and rice agriculture Theres an increase in vitamin deficiency diseasesoRickets and scurryoThere are more bone infectionsoHeight began to decline lack of nutrients and human continued to get shorter over time As villages grew a social hierarchy emergedElite groups control access to foodThe decline in height suggests that children of non elite families were not getting enough nutritious foodEven in the middle ages people who lived in rural areas were generally taller than those in the citiesCultural effects of agriculture and sedentism Accumulation of wealth
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