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Chapter1TheScienceofArcheologyThe picture of the body was preserved because it was found with no oxygenOutlineOverview of archeologyWhat are the goals of archeologyWhat do archaeologists want to learnWhat constitutes want to learnWhat constitutes archaeological evidenceSynthesis What is the job of archaeologistsHistory works with written documents OverviewofArchaeology99 percent of human past can only be understood through prehistoric archeology writing appears ca 3000 BC ArcheologyisanthropologySubfield of anthropology The people are gone so you have to focus on the signature of their behaviors Study of past human cultural behaviors based on material recordWe do not study dinosaurs We study how people live organize produce exchange and how they died Material culturethe tangible aspect of human cultural behaviors We produce materials stone hinge ipod hockey puck plates etc this is what they studyArchaeologyisthestudyofculturalbehaviorsthroughmaterialremains1Artifacts portable tools pots hockey pucks etc 2Features Post holes hearths kitchen areas fire places 3Human remains Rely on specialists age stature sex they look how they suffered poor diet Health issues So on Its hard to recognize 4Animal Remains Not only for artifacts but also for diet When they eat they produce biproducts They see if they were hurding or hunting 5Plant remains microscopic observations 6Sediments it can come from seedsConcept of culture knowledge belief art morals laws custom and any other capabilities and habits acquires as a member of society Edward Taylor 1871Culture refers to nonbiological aspects of human societies art music cuisine etcBigarcheologicalquestionsWho were the first humans where and when did they liveHow and when did humans spread throughout the worldWhen how and why was agriculture inventedWhy did sedentary village life developWhat were the circumstances surrounding the emergence of statesWhatarethegoalsofarcheologyImportant goals with practical applicationWhat led to the contemporary worldProcesses of social change
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