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1The evolution from humans to great apes goes from the1215 million years ago to the68 million years ago to the46 million years ago and then to thein present dayaOrangutan Gorilla Human Chimpanzees2Humans and other primates share larger frontalreduced sense ofFlexible hand and feet with flatand noteethaGrasping thumbs brain cavities eyes smell shoulder joints five digits fingernails canine3Humans and other primates also give birthand growhaving a strong bond and a high degree of aSooner slower maternaloffspring socialization4is attractive because it is a sign that someone has better genesaFacial symmetry5Differences between humans and primates include that humans arewe have flatand smaller largerreduced reduced physicaland a difference in number of aBipedal faces canine teeth brains body hair agility chromosomes6 is the term referring to members of the human lineage after the split with chimpanzeesaHominin7 is the term that refers to all the Great Apes and their ancestorsaHominid8 is our nonbiological means of adaptation to our natural and social environmentaCulture9 andare learned through socializationaTools clothing language writing10The cradle of humanity is aAfrica11Theis an important early hominin site because it is a trough that fills withpreserving potential sites it is alsoactive with lots of erosion andactive which can help to date sitesaEast African Rift sediment tectonically volcanically12discovered Homo erectus in aEugene Dubois Indonesia13He called the remains he found aPithecanthropus14Abouthominin lineage diverged from the lineage comprising chimpanzeesa6 million years ago15was discovered in EthiopiaaArdipithecus ramidus16 were the Great Apes of the SouthaAustralopithecines17These were the earliest wellknownthat emerged around 4 million years ago in South and East Africa there are 6 known species but the most common areand aHominins A aferensis A Africanus18Homo sapiens sapiens are the modern day humans and Homo sapiens are thehumansaArchaic19Homo erectus came about a1 million years ago20Homo habilis came aboutand is the first member of our genusa2 million years ago21A aferensis is known as theaGreat Ape from afar22Lucy was an and found by at Hadar EthiopiaaA afarensis Donald Johanson23The were found by Mary Leakey in volcanic ash dating back 38 million years these footprints indicated people were walking uprightaLaetoli Footprints24It was difficult for early primates to walk upright because of differences in theandbones compared to humansaPelvic femur25Advantages of bipedalism arefrom predators control of free aProtection body temperature hands26A Africanus was known as theaGreat Ape from Africa27A Africanus was discovered by in South AfricaaRaymond Dart28 were a side branch that coexisted with the branch leading to modern humansaAustralopithecines29About 1 million years agotools were found at a site made by Homo erectusaAcheulean30Homo habilis was known as theaHandy man31The first recognizable tool Industry was thein lower Paleolithic cultureaOldowan32Oldowan was first discovered in aOlduvai Gorge Tanzania33The Oldowan tool kit consisted of orand aHammerstones cores choppers flakes34Early stone tools consisted ofpatterns brokennear butchery sites and animal bones with cut marks from aFlaking cobbles stone
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