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World Archaeology Exam 3 Study Guide (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
ANTH 2050

World Archaeology Exam 37000 BCoEarly Mesoamerican hunters Paleoindians6500 BCoSettlement of MehgarnDeveloped into Harappa civilization6000 BCoUbaid PeriodSmall rural communities clustered around larger townsEridu ceremonial center temples Mother goddess rebuilt 13 timesoThere is farming in Northern Mesopotamia oHassuna Culture5500 BCoSumarra culture5250 BCoHassuna culture ends5000 BCoSumer civilizationoAgriculture begins in Neolithic EgyptEmmer wheat flax barleyGoats sheep cattle pigsRiver flooding played an important roleNo largescale irrigation projects4800 BCoSumarra culture ends4500 BCoPredynastic Egypt 4000 BCoUbaid Period endsoUruk Period beginsIn Irak citystates settlement hierarchy innovationsPlow wheeled carts potters wheel early writing citystates3600 BCoUruk expansion in Middle Uruk3500 BCoGerzean Period in Egypt beginsAlso known as Naqada 2In Egypt period of social change contemporary with MiddleLate UrukWarfare between kingdoms begins in Egypt due to increasing social and economic inequality10000 people in HierakonpolisSize difference in houses suggests social inequality Densely packed rectangular mudbrick housesMajor center of pottery production3400 BCoUruk expansion in Middle Uruk ends3200 BCoUruk largest city in MesopotamiaSeveral templesZigguratsmonumental building legitimization of rulership largescale mobilization of resources and labor 1015 autonomous citystatesAppearance of the palace 3100 BCoGerzean Period in Egypt endsoMummification begins after this date
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