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Study Guide Exam One (aced the test and got 96%)

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ANTH 2051
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ANTH 2051STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 1The great chain of beinga belief about the order of the natural world as created by the ththJudeoChristian God having currency into the 18 and 19 centuries that posited that the earth was only a few thousand years old that its fundamental and hierarchical design had always existed as God had created it and that it had changed little since creationCatastrophisman idea that changes is set into motion by catastrophic events before the emergence of uniformitarianism this doctrine posited that the earth had changed only through major catastrophes set into motion by the JudeoChristian God like the Great Flood detailed in the BibleLyells uniformitarianisma geological theory positing that the earths physical features result from steady gradual processesAssociated with Charles Lyell and his popularization of the theory in Principles of Geology Darwins The Origins of SpeciesoChange is caused by evolutionbiological change over timeoEvolution happens by natural selectionthe complex process of adaptation to change in the physical environment which depends on its most basic level on reproduction and variabilityMisunderstandings of Darwin misunderstandings of race and social classes ie inferior peoplesthMorgans social evolutionisma theory of cultural change popular in 19 century anthropology that posited that all human societies passed through a progressive sequence of development from savages barbarians and to civilization evolution to unilineal evolutionSpencers survival of the fittest coined to advance his own ideas about the favored races of humanity social Darwinisma form of social evolution popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries surmise from Charles Darwins theory of natural selection which posited that first inferior groups of people remained inferior because of their biological differences or more simply because of their race and second that favored races would inevitably supplant the unfavorable ones through the process of survival of the fittest th19 century scientific racismbiological differences explained social and cultural differences Linnaeus system of natureclassified people into four races based on ridiculous measuresPhrenologythe science which studies the relationships between a persons character and the morphology of the skullthEugenicsa popular movement that gained momentum in the lasted 19 and early twentieth centuries that putting social Darwinism into practice focused on the selective breeding and elimination of human populationThe movement climaxed with the end of WWIIthHow did Boas revolutionize 19 Century anthropologyoStated that culture not race explains differences in human beings
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