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ANTH 2051INTRO TO WORLD ETHNOGRAPHYExam 2 Study GuideThe SambiaTerms and concepts for multiple choice questionBe able to 1 Define terms2 Explain their significance 2 Link theoretical concepts with their authors Age setGroup of boy who are initiated together Havaltnu being the same Like a pledge classThe sunSun jerungdu Phratry pg 4 14Definition a kin grouping recognized by Sambia as the widest related set of people linked by blood relation to fictitious ancestors by common geographic origins in myth and by ritual customs practiced in common and demarcators of ethnic distinctivenessEach composed of 12 hamlets and varies in size from 40150 peopleGroup of people who shareoCommon territoryoMythic origins and ancestorsoRitual customsoDialectoIdentity share these ideas and think of themselves as different from other phrartiesMisogynyHatred of women terror of womenRitual confederacy pg 15 55Political alignment between villages who initiate their sons together and intermarryShared regional culture of initiationRegional male initiation age setsExchange ofin marriageBut fight each other in ritual warfareJerungdu pg2324Physical biological strengthSupreme essence of maleness in body personality and spiritMeans the strength to do battles not just to defend oneself ones family and property but also to prove or reaffirm the fact of ones masculine powers Its semen that bestows this power thus only produced and transmitted by menSemen contains jerungduMaleness is not natural it must be socially created achievedboys dont have itSemenspermDominant masculinity in warfaresex
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