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Final Exam Study Guide 2011 (Got A+ on the test)

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ANTH 2051
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Short written answers1How does Stoller use the context of global economic restructuring to explain why W African traders migrated to NYC aWest Africans have realized the economic power of simulation and moved to NYC in order to exploit it bGlobalization and global restructuring outsourcing has resulted in the growth of the informal sectoreg West Africans work the underground American economy formoney which they often send back to their family in Africa2What is the new immigration and how does it threaten the myth of the American melting potaThe new immigration is the result of global economic dislocation and globalization deindustrialization iDualglobal citiesiiThere is less global integration as the rift between the rich and poor growsbThis rift threatens the myth of the American melting pot becauseiAs culturally distinct immigrants come and go distinct immigrant communities have taken rootiiVicinity of people with different social practiceiiiThe polarization of NYC due to deindustrialization continues to grow3How do the lives of West African traders reveal the linkages between global economics national politics and local confrontation4How does Stoller use network theory to explain the global extent of West African trading in NYCPage 1242 trust confidence rights and obligations in W African trading netwrks derive from patterns of kinship and made long distance trade possible and hold today in NYC aEgo oriented networksiStructural relation of the individual to some kind of institution eg trade union
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