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ANTH 2051 Final Study Guide (aced the test and got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
ANTH 2051

ANTH 2051INTRO TO WORLD ETHNOGRAPHYFINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDETermsconceptsPlease be prepared to definedistinguish discuss the significance and give examples of the followingIf a concept is given offer a concrete example and vice versa give the idea that goes with the exampleWhere relevant try to refer to the author of the ideaHomogenization resistance hybridization appropriationResistance means rejectionEither directly like burning down a McDonaldsIndirectly by limiting the amount of foreign programs you watch on tvHybridization process that constantly throws out crative new mixtures of local cultures where the global is no more than a huge arena where these hybrid forms move from place to place Appropriation it is the reversal of globalizationWhen a local culture absorbs and then neutralizes the invader by transforming it into something that fits its own history Example is Japanese culture and Japanese baseballAnother example is McDonalds has been appropriated in east Asia Centerperiphery Center periphery model wallerstein the author suggests you can think of the world being centeredThe people at the center are producing manifesting and people in at edges have raw materialsWhen both are combined it adds valueSemipereferical going from poor to wealthyExample china and BrazilFast foodslow foodFast food has come to symbolize American consumer monoculture Slow food movement began in Italy It is the Interest in persevering local dishes and products The localthe global SugarSydney MintzSydney mintz follows a long tradition in studying ecomnic history concentrating on the developing world as the producer of raw materials which are then consumed in metropolitan centers The author in contrasts argues with his ide Linked sugar production in the Caribbean to sugar consumption in metropolitan EuropeHe links the misery of plantations slaves and the development of a sweet tooth Sugar used to be something of the aristocracy then became
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