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Sambia Test 2 (97% in the course

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Louisiana State University
ANTH 2051

ANTH 2051INTRO TO WORLD ETHNOGRAPHYExam 2 Study GuideThe SambiaTerms and concepts for multiple choice questionBe able to 1 define terms and explain their significance ie place them in their meaningful socialcultural context 2 explain the theoretical significance of concepts and link them with authors 3 briefly answer the questions and be aware of related terms or conceptsAge set the group of boys that are intiated togetherPhratry a kin grouping recognized by Sambia as the widest related set of people linked by blood relation to fictitious ancestors by common geographic origins in myth and by ritual customs practiced in common and demarcators of ethnic distinctivenessMisogyny hatred of women terror of womenRitual confederacy political alignment between villages who initiate their sons together and intermarryJerungdu It means the essence of maleness Jerungdu is an Aboriginal rite of passage ritual used to initiate prepubescent males into the realm of manhood Semen contains JerungduAatmowombuthe female hamlet spiritWar leadersrubbish men Warleader1Maximumjerungduphysicalstrengthinfightingandhunting2Abundantbodilyfluidssemen3Quietarrogantpragmaticantisocial4Forestspritsafterdeath5Womanizersconquestnotlove6Sexualityaggressiveinallthreestagesofdevelopmentboybachelormarried7Likethecompanyofmenmorebecausetheyhavejerungduhomosocialityrubbishman1Afraidofbattle2Passivecanbepushedaround3PrefersthecompanyofwomenSissy1Thecharacterofarubbishman2Lacksjurungdu3FailuretoingestenoughsemenduringinitiationLittle fights and big fightslittlewarsrestricted1Ritualizedchallengedwithbowsandarrowsbetweenyoungmenofneighboringhamletsofteninlaws2Likejoustingplaydeathnotintended3Accidentalkillingmayleadtobloodrevengeandfeudnomechanismsofconflictmanagement4Wariswheremencreatedbig fights unrestricted1Bloodrevengeinvolvingalliances2Seriousweaponsstoneclubsandaxes3MainlyfoughtbetweennonrelativesMens clubhousewhere the men live togetherWhat is a rite of passageVan GennepVictor TurnerDiscovered that all rituals have a basic 3 stage process3 stage ritual processseparation deathmarginalization liminal period transformationreaggregation rebirthWhat do noseplugs signify It diffenerntiate males into higher or lower types of social status and by degrees of biologicaldevelopmentMale menstruation nosebleedingmale menstruation ramming stiff straw up their
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