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The Great Chain of Being Belief followed well into the 18th19th century People believed that the earth was unchanged since creation A fixed order created by godThe world was only a few thousand years old and god created everything on the planet within an eternal hierarchyThe scale of perfection Minerals and plants at the bottom Then lower animalsHuman beings AngelsGodCatastrophism Way of explaining fossils with no living representatives Theory that states that earth had changed only through major catastrophes set in motion by god ex Great flood Brought forth by CuvierLyells uniformatism Lyell was a scottish geologist who wrote the principles of Geology Challenging catastrophism by pushing a theory that states that the earths physical structures result from steady gradual processes uniformatism Stated that earth is much older then a few thousand yearsMisunderstandings of Darwin Scientists misunderstood evolution as progress Evolution was interpreted as moving from one state of imperfection to one of perfectionMorgans social evolutionism Morgan argued that humans could be categorized within a sequence of development Savages at bottom Barbarians in the middle Civilized at the topSpencers survival of the fittest Term coined to advance ideas about favored races of humanity The more fit or favored human societies will prevail over the less fit19th century scientific racism Social Darwanism form of social evolution stating socalled savages were not just technologically or materially inferior but mentally and biologically inferior as well White americans who had ancestry in northern or western europe had better genes for intellectEugenic A popular movement that focused on the selective breeding of the fittest people and the weeding out of the unfit people Ex US sterilizing thousands in Virginia and Nazis eliminating non aryans from the gene poolPhrenology The study of races skulls scientists used tools to measure the cranium This is an outdated practiceHow did Boas revolutionize 19th century Anth
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