Anth 2423 Ware Folk Beliefs-urban Legends Notes (scored 92%)

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Folklore notes 102011Folk BeliefsLife cycle beliefsevents in a persons life cycle transistions that influence beliefs eg birth coming of age courtship marriage deathDivinationsthings that predict the future superstitions horoscopes etcSuperstitions about health Baseball Superstitions articleVoodoo Dollsympathetic magicHoly watercatholic French LA beliefsTraiteurs treaters articleCajun creole and Houma indian beliefBelieved to be a gift from god and as such a traiteur cannot charge for the treatment Donations can be acceptedBoth gendersRitualistically done in threes or nines Kenneth Pimple ArticleFolk MedicineFolk medicine ismedical beliefs and practices derived primarily through oral traditional processes rather than from printed texts or formal academic or clinical traininglearned and practiced outside Societys official medical establishment and largely outside its regulationsBranches of Folk MedicineFolklife scholar don yoder 1965 proposed two branchesnatural or rationalRemedies made of plants animal products and mineral substancesMagicoReligiousBased on ancient principles of healing often overlaid by Christian practices and beliefsExamples of Natural Folk Medicine
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