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ANTH 2423
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Folklore notes 9611Folk groupsFamilyOccupationalinterest groups producers WoW playersAge groupsPerformance groupsReligious groupsEthnic groups national groups Louisianianbaton rougeRegional southernThe problem with considering a large group a folk group is that there might be smaller folk groups within these groupsEach folk group has its own attitudes language customs etcA folk group is defined by its unofficial informal knowledge that expresses its attitudes world view values etcEsoteric vs Exoteric views of a groupInteracting with other groups helps to form the folk group value of us vs themEsoteric insiders view of itself Exoteric outsiders view of a groupVerbaloralcustomarymaterial folkloreCustomary birthdaysholiday customsFamily stories center around certain principlesCharacter principle stories tend to develop around a particular personTransition principle family stories often describe an important change in a familys lifeThe GordonMorgan familiesGeneration 2 Caddy former slave Married mr gordon to give her children a respectable name settle in Lynchburg vaGeneration 2 caddys son albert Gordon and his wife kate born into slavery but freed when very young
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