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REL ANTH 3004 Final Answers

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ANTH 3004

RELANTH 3004 THIRD MIDTERM TEST May 1 2012A Short Essays 1015 minutes each 10 points each1 According to John Van Seters the biblical description of the temple in 1 Kings 67 is not a historical witness to Solomons templePresent Van Seters arguments and evaluate his conclusion1 Archaeological parallels to the biblical temple of Solomon eg temples at Tell Tayinat and Ain Dara suggest only that the latter belonged to a typical East Mediterranean typeThe parallels dont indicate a particular period for the construction of the Solomonic temple2 The biblical description of the Solomonic temple in 1 Kings 67 does not draw on an early archival sourceRather the biblical description derives from the Deuteronomistic thhistorian in the 6 century BCE3 The Deuteronomistic historian wanted to make an ideological point namely that the Jerusalem temple just prior to its destruction in 586 was the same as the one built by SolomonThus the historian sought to demonstrate a continuity between the beginning of the monarchy and its end4 The Deuteronomistic historians description of the temple in 1 Kings 67 is not a historical witness to Solomons templeIt reflects in large measure the Jerusalem temple in the historians own day just prior to its destruction in 5862 According to John Monson the Ain Dara temple corroborates the date of the Solomonic temple in the tenth century BCEPresent Monsons arguments and evaluate his conclusion3 B A Nakhai asks what is the social function of bamot high places in ancient Israel and JudahExplain Nakhais method for answering this question then present and evaluate his conclusionsFormulate provisional answers on basis of the Hebrew bible and then see if the archeological evidence for bamot fits those answersBiblical texts suggest1In era of the judges bamot were local places of worship They were numerous and they were regarded as legitimate 2In eras of the UM and DM kings maintained a twotier system of sanctuariesaRoyal shrines as centers of official royal cultiIn Judah the Jerusalem templeiiIn Israel shrines at Bethel and DanbBamot throughoutthe rest of the kingdoms3Functions of the bamot as intended by kingsaStrengthen national solidarity and loyalty to king by promoting official religion bProvide rural population with local religious centers
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