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ASTR 1101 The Solar System Exam 4.docx

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ASTR 1101

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Exam 4Thursday March 26 2009Jovian Planets and SatellitesFamily of gas giantsJupiteroMost brightly coloredoDefined bands of colorsoGreat red spotoHighest contrast of any of themoZones and BeltsZonesHigh altitudeLight in colorBeltsLow altitudeDark in coloroBrown and White ovalsNorth polar mapLikes brown ovalsSouth polar mapLike white ovalsThe positioning the ovals are not randomly distributed and they can last decades on earth storms develop wherever and end quicklyThe cloud structures do no north and south movement only east and west Earth a hurricane can start by Africa and move up and over to usoPolar WindsSome go east and some go westoCassini provides a Jupiter movieGreat red spotoGreat Red spotRotates counterclockwise Higher elevation than everything else including zonesAntihurricaneEarth hurricane low pressure systemSo high pressure stormSize at largest it is 3 Earths across smallest is 1 Earth across on average and now it is about 2 EarthsBeen there for centuries at least since Galileo started lookingIt only migrates eastwest not northsouthWhyRed Jr appeared a little over a year ago it was a white oval which sucked up another one and then started changing colors Jr survived an encounter with Great Red spotSo basically they no longer no why it is thereoDoes the great red spot always exist in either a zone or a beltYes NoAnswer no because it is in a belt and then a zone but how do they change from one to the other since the spot doesnt move north or southoIR image of white ovalThe white oval is very much colder than the surrounding areasoIR image of great white spotRelatively cold to the surrounding area
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