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Astronomy 1001

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ASTR 1101
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Astronomy 1001 TEST ONE20092011210100Always search for factsTheories must have a prediction and evidence to back it up82511a Mercury planet closes to the sun hardest to see with a naked eye Either see it before sunrise at twilight or after sunset at twilight has phases similar to the moonmercury is dead and around the size of our moonb Venus nitrogen rich atmosphere Very violent winds on Venusc Mars iron rich rust filled Has seasons while going through its orbit asteroids floating around the orbits When asteroids come in through the atmosphere we call them meteorsd Jupiter biggest planet in the solar system different chemicals in the atmospheree Saturn rings are mostly iceall the gas planets have rings around themf Uranus different gases in the atmosphereg Neptune h Pluto KBOs Kuiberobjects beyond Neptune mostly made of ice As these blocks of ice get closer to the sun they can become cometsCharon biggest moon on Plutoasteroids are rocky Comets are icy Question how far apart would the earth and sun be in the scaled systemAnswer 150000 inchesLight carries energy 1D2Formulas on moodleFind out how hot a planet is by seeing how much energy is going in and out Question what might the surface temperature beAnswer 1163 K260Ksquare root of d AU260 K square root of
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