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ASTR 1101 The Solar System Exam 2.docx

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Louisiana State University
ASTR 1101

Exam 2Thursday February 12 2009Chapter 5 Electromagnetic Radiation LightWhat is a waveoA wave is how energy moves from one place to another oA wavelength is measured crest to crestTells you energy frequency everything you need to know about the waveOther wave propertiesoWaves can add interferenceoWaves meet at crest you get a big waveoWaves meat at crest and trough they cancel outReflection RefractionoReflection echoes pure bounceoRefraction the path of the light bends rays normally go in a straight lineoA laser will reflect off of water but some of it goes into the water it bends towards the normal oHigh density to low density it bends away from the normal if it reflects back to the top it will reflect out of the water and also bend away from the normaloNormal a line perpendicular to the surfaceoBears can figure out that a fish under the water is not where it looks so you can tooTypes of WavesoMechanical wavesSound wavesWater wavesSeismic wavesoElectromagnetic radiationRadioMicrowaveOptical lightXraysoMechanical waves require mediums but electromagnetic waves do notElectromagnetic radiationoTravels in a straight line at a speed c 3e8 ms in a vacuum oTrough over crestsElectromagnetic spectrumoE1If energy goes up the wavelength goes downoFrequency 1PCycles per secondElectrical outlet 60 Hz Hz means going back and forth per secondoRadio waves microwaves infrared visible light ultraviolet xrays gammaoLarge to smallest wavelengths so less to more energyBlackbody SpectrumoAn object which absorbs all incident light and reemits all light according to its temperatureoTemperature1p24oFluxRTRadius and temperatureoWe emit our energy in the infrared because we are relatively coldOur peak wavelength would be in the infrared and would coordinate to 986 degree FahrenheitWe may produce one electron photon in our life ever so no one will probably ever notice
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