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ASTR 1101
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Exam 3Thursday March 12 2009Terrestrial Planets and SatellitesEarthoHOMEoActive atmosphereVery dynamicHurricanes monsoons water spouts dust storms everything Sometimes clouds sometimes notoMovements of the waterThe tides rise and falloGeologically activeVolcanoesRecovering the surface adding land mountain ranges forming etc oEnergy sourcesAtmosphereSolar EnergyWater movementsTidal forces and solar energyGeological activityRadioactivityActive atmosphereSolar energyoInternal Structure of EarthSolid iron core surrounded by liquid iron core rocky mantle and then crustThink about pressure and temperature of each layer to decide which state it will bePVToConvection in the mantleHot air rises and cold air fallsThe mantle even though it is rock is plastic not the petroleum product but as something that is malleable and can basically move not a liquid thoughThis produces a convection cell but rock moves really slowly Subduction zone an oceanic plate slides under the continental plateSo if two oceanic plates are the same height one isnt going to go over one so they end up pushing apart like the midatlantic ridge the two convection cells turn opposite ways which pushes up some stuff into the ridge to become crust but an equal amount then slides back down on the other side of one of the convection cellsWe are special from the other terrestrials because we have a constant amount of crust our total surface area is constant because if we add some we lose some oPangaea if you smush together the continents they fit together and the guy named it Pangaea because When satellites became useful they realized that the continents are moving and apparently the shift is about 3 cm a year Theoretically we will all meet in the back of the planet Takes about 500 million years for a cycleWe are about half way through right nowPangaea is the most recent so we have the most information on itoTectonic platesHawaii hot spot for formation Ring of FireCalifornia will probably slide under at some pointoCalifornia also has lots of earthquakesSo do we but we have so much sludge that we usually dont feel itoWestern US A baby volcano was born in Oregon last year hes about 2 to 3 feet now
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