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Chapter 25 Astron Review (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
ASTR 1102

LetnotyourheartsbetroubledBelieveinGodbelievealsoinmeJohn141ESVChapter 25 Quasars and Active GalaxiesNot covered 253 254 256Review Questions 1 2 3 6 7 8 9 10 19 201 When quasistellar radio sources were first discovered and named why were they called quasistellar They were named quasistellar because of their strong radio emission and star like appearance2 How were quasars first discovered How was it discovered that they are very distant objects Quasars were first discovered in the mid1900s by Grote Reber who built the first true radio telescope Examining the spectra of quasars revealed that they are immensely distant Quasars have bright emission lines that are red shifted whereas ordinary galaxies have absorption lines in its spectrum3 Explain why astronomers cannot use any of the standard candles described in section 244 to determine the distances to quasars6 How does the spectrum of a quasar differ from that of an ordinary galaxy How do spectral lines help astronomers determine the distances to quasarsThe spectrum of a quasar has emission lines instead of absorption lines Also the spectral lines of quasars have large redshifts indicating that most are about 3 billion light years away7 If quasars lie at the centers of galaxies why dont we see strong absorption lines from the galaxys star
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