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Astronomy 1102 Notes1It is summer in Baton Rouge due to23degree tilt of the earth2The Leap year was added to the calendar byJulius CaesarBy 1582 when Pope Gregory changed the calendar it was off by 10 days throughout 1600 yearsThis calendar was pushed ahead by 10 days to correct the problemWhat do we want to know about a starCompositionHow far away it isRed shift blue shiftPlanets around the starWhat will happen to it when it diesPhaseHow much it weighsWhere stage the star is inTemperatureHardest thing to determine is the distance to a star or any other object in the solar systemChapter 1 Review5Due to recent technological advancements in the field telescopes have been developed to detect nonvisible light throughout the universe These telescopes have enabled us to view through distant planets atmospheres the thin gas around the Sun and even new solar systems being formed
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