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Nature of lighta black body radiates in a continuous spectrum that depends on the black bodys temperatureStephBoltzmann law24L4RTWiens Law1T is peak wavelength and T is temperatureHot objects are blue cool object are redStars are almost black bodiesthey have a thin cool atmosphere which prevents them from being perfect black bodiesthe core of a star is a black bodyHigher luminositylower luminosityBigger starssmaller starsBlue starsred starsA big red star can have the same luminosity as a small blue starBigger star Bright stars up topHotblue top right stars on the cornerleftCool red stars on the luminosityrightSmallest star Bottom left cornerDim stars down lowtemperatureThis is called the HertzsprungRussell diagramEnergy I released from atoms in the form or light when electrons move from high energy levels to low energy levelsThe longer the line on the atom moving from one energy level to another the more energy is being absorbed of emittedWhen photons are absorbedemitted they must have the same energy as the difference between the two electron levels
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