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ASTR 1102
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Astronomy 1102Exam 1Chapters 125616Chapter 1Degreesbasic unit of angle measurement designated by the symbol a full circle is divided into 360 and a right angle measures 90 arc minutesonesixtieth of a degree 160 designated by the symbol also called minutes of arc arc seconds onesixtieth of an arc minute or 13600 of a degree designated by the symbol 1 60 arcmin3600 arcsec1 arcmin60 arcsecSmallangle formula D ad 206265Dlinear size of objectd distance to the objectaangular size of the object in arcsecExample On December 11 2006 Jupiter was 944 million kilometers from Earth and had an angular diameter of 312 arcsec From this info calculate the actual diameter of Jupiter in kilometersDad206265D 312 x 944000000 km206265143000 kmExponent a number placed above and after another number to denote the power to which the latter is to be raised as 2 in 10It helps astronomers to avoid confusing terms such as a million billion billionThey are used in the powersoften notionExamples ten million 105 Sixty thousand 6 x 104 Four onethousandths 4 x 103 Thirtyeight billion 38 x 1010Light year abbreviated as ly the distance that light travels in one yearunit of distance NOT time300 x 105 kms 186 x 105 mis1 ly 946 x 1012km63240 AU roughly 6 trillion milesAUastronomical unitaverage distance between the Earth and the Sun1 AU 1496 x 108km9296 million milesParsecunit of distance 326 light years
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