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Biological Sciences
BIOL 1001
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Chapter 10 Learning Objectives1Know the relationship between a gene a locus an allele and a chromosomeaA gene is a unit of DNA that encodes information needed to produce proteins cells and entire organisms basically the blueprints for making an organismiA locus if the location of a gene on a chromosome1A chromosome is a set of genesaAlleles are alternative versions of genes found at the same gene locus and are formed by mutations2What are homologous chromosomes aHomologous chromosomes are chromosomes that have the same kind of genes for the same characteristics3What does it mean for an individual to be heterozygous at an allele Homozygous at an alleleaWhen someone has two homologous chromosomes carrying different alleles at a given locus they are heterozygous at that locus hybridbWhen someone has homologous chromosomes carrying the same alleles at a given locus then they are homozygous at that locus4Know the difference between a truebreeding individual and a hybridaWhen an individual is homozygous for a characteristic they are truebreedingbWhen someone is hete
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