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Biological Sciences
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Chapter 7 PhotosynthesisPhotosynthesis Sunlight trapped by cholorplastsmade into Glucose endergonicSynthesis of energyCarbon COEnergy Source SunlightGlucose2Photosynthesis vs Cellular RespirationoPhotosynthesis Rich molecules made from poor molecules Requires EnergyoCellular Respiration Energy obtained from rich molecules Leaves are main components of photosynthesisoChloropyllGreen pigment Absorbs light energy for photosynthesis Located in ThykaloidHO gets absorbed through the roots then through the vascular bundles where it 2ultimately enters the stroma pores oStroma How C0 and HO enter leaves Found in Cloroplasts22Chloroplasts are found in Mesophyll cellsoThe contain thykaloids and the stromaThykaloids Flattened membranous sacs Chylorophyll is located hereArranged in stacks called granaLightdependent reactions occur here There are 2 total in PhotosynthesisLightDependent vs LightIndependent reactions involved in PhotosynthesisoLightDependentMust happen before IndependentSunlighted is converted into chemical energy and then stored in energy carrier molecules called ATP and NADPH think of recharging a batteryOccurs in Thykaloid membranes oxygen is released as byproductHONADPNADPH ATPADPO22oLightIndependentCarrier Molecues ATP and NADPH is used to make Glucose Takes place in stroma how HO and CO is enters leaves22COATPNADPHHOCHOATP NADP226126oSummary remember its a cycleSunlightH20 AbsorbedLight Dependent Reactions take place in thykaloids Products are stored in carriers ATP NADPH and Oxygen is releasedLightIndependent Reactions take place in stroma requiring C02 and H20 to create GlucoseDepleted CarriersLight and SunlightoLight is electromagnetic energy It has wave and particlelike propertiesWavelikeElectromagnetic energy travels in waves oShort Wavelengths High EnergyoLong Wavelengths Low Energy33Electromagnetic Spectrum gamma 10 nm to 10 m radio wavesoGammaX UVVisible lightinfraredMicro RadiooVisible light between 400nm and 750nmShortest and Highest energy is PurpleLongest and lowest is RedParticlelikeElectromagnetic energy also travels in particles called PhotonsoPhotosynthetic Pigments Absorb LightClorophyll pigment is the key lightcapturer in thykaloid membraneOther pigments carotenoids and phycocyanins are accessory pigmentsDifferent pigments absorb different light wavelengthsoPhotosystems turn light into chemical energy in thykaloid membraneConsists of chloropyll proteins and accessory pigmentsComponenents of PsystemLightReactionElectron Transport
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