Chapter 10 Inheritance Part 1 (got 93% on the test)

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Inheritance Chapter 10 Part 1The father of genetics Johann Gregor MendelMendel was a monk who was trained in science at the University of ViennaDiscovered common patterns of inheritance and essential facts about genes alleles and how alleles are distributed in gametes Inheritance the process by which the characteristics of individuals are passed to their offspring The realization that both parents contributed to the characteristics of the offspring preceded the work of MendelThe favorite explanation of how this occurred was the blending theory of heredityThe blending theory of heredityThe offsprings traits are some intermediate between the parental typesUnable to explain why characteristics disappear in one generation and reappear in the nextIf this was true population would reach a uniform appearance3 steps to successful experiments in biology1Choosing the right study species2Designing and performing the experiment correctly3Analyzing the data properlyModern genetics began with Mendel and lead to the replacement of the blending theory with the particulate theory of heredity Mendel developed his theory from the study of the variation of garden peasWhy peasMany seven different traits Fig 1010Traits have variants of an inheritable character The flowers of the pea plant normally undergo selffertilizationsperm and eggs come from the same flower Fig 103Mendel started his experiments with truebreeding plantsTruebreeding plants are varieties in which selffertilization leads to offspring which are the same type as parentHe crossfertilized these plantsHe designed the pollination experiments
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