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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1002

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Chapter 43Monday October 17 2011123 PM Monocots vs DicotsoNumber of seed leavesMonocot seedlings each have 1 cotyledon use fibrous root systemDicot seedlings each have 2 cotyledonuse taproot systemRootsoRoot hairsextensions of epidermal cellsdramatically increase roots surface area for absorbing water and nutrientsoFood storage is a function of all roots but some are highly modified for storageoAboveground roots give extra supportoBreathing roots conduct oxygen to waterlogged rootsoThe roots of many orchids are photosyntheticStemsoSupport branches flowers which become fruits leaves etcoDeterminateIndeterminate plantsDeterminate grow to a certain sizeIndeterminate use different genes to continue growingoStolons runners are horizontal wandering aboveground stemoRhizomes horizontal belowground stemsoTubers eg Potatoes yams are the swollen ends of rhizomes specialized for food storageoBulbs are vertical underground stems consisting mostly of the swollen bases of leaves specialized to store foodoThorns are rigid sharp branches that deter potential herbivores particularly mammalian browsersBudsoTerminal bud exercise apical dominance over axillary budsEa The terminal top bud will grow before the lower budsTrimming the terminal bud will cause the next buds down to activate and form branchesLeavesoSimple vs Compound leafCompound leaf has leafletso petiole is the stalk attaching the leaf blade to the stemosolar panels of plantsoSome acridadapted plants have succulent leavesoLeaves specialized into spines to defend against herbivoresEx CactusoLeaves specialized to trap animals occur in carnivorous plantsEx Venus fly trapoLeaf hairs help reduce water loss and provide some protection from herbivoresTrichomesGrowth typesoPrimary growth is lengthening of stemsoSecondary growth is widening of stemsoUndifferentiated meirstematic cells occur in budsoCells in the center die and become wall ofvascular systemoWhole plant growth is indeterminateunlimitedoSome organ growth is determinateset sizeChapter 43 contMonday October 24 20111244 PM 3 tissue systemoDermal tissue epidermisSkin of the plantSingle cell layerAbsorption in root systemWater retention in shoot system aided by waxy cuticleRoots have no waxy cuticleoVascular tissueXylemTransports water and dissolved mineralsCells are dead at functional maturityPhloemTransports sugars dissolved in waterCells are alive when they matureoGround tissueAll nonepidermal non vascular tissueThree cell typesParenchymaThin walled living cellsPerform most metabolic functions of the plantPhotosynthesis Parenchyma in leavesFood storage parenchymain rootsSynthesis and secretionCollenchymaCells with unevenly thickened walls that lack lignin
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